How to use this Site and Guidelines for Posting

Think of this site as a series of blogs and resource pages. The blogs, unlike blogs written by just one person are open to all. If you want to participate on the site as an author, the first step is to comment on a post. When you want to comment you will be asked to register your name and email. If your comment is approved, and/or you are known to Devva or Susan, you will be made an author. This will given you access to start a new thread and post freely.

The easiest way to find something on this site is by clicking on a resource page or blog under a specific category.  A tag will lead you to any posts that has been ‘tagged’ with that specific tag. All page names are also tag names.

We may find an easier/better way to do this, but this is what we have for the moment.

If you have resources to share or more pages you would like linked to our “Blog Roll” please do add them or send them to us at


  1. To be consistent and to protect privacy, please refer to DJ as DJ, ‘Wesley’ as his brother and ‘P’ as his mother, even if you know their real names.
  2. Please respect the lived experience of other people, which may not match your own.
  3. Please do not post text in all CAPITALS, underline, bold, or change color to emphasize a point. It is not accessible to screen reader users. If you need to empahasize a word or two, **try this**.
  4. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed. It is OK to self-promote your work, if the work is relevant to the site.
  5. If you include more than 3 links your post will be held for moderation.
  6. Please keep obscenities to a minimum. No name-calling.
  7. If you want to quote anything written on this website, it must be properly cited and attributed to the author. If you post, you are authorizing a properly referenced citation.
  8. Censorship will be avoided, but editing if found necessary, will be noted